Pilates method: develop and align your body, restore vitality and stimulate your mind.

In 10 sessions you feel better...
20 sessions you look better...
30 sessions you have a completely new body...
Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1880-1967)

Imagine a motivating and fun exercise program that allows you to forget daily life and relax, while providing you with both physical and mental balance. Pilates offers all this and much more.

A certified instructor will lead you during a one to one session or a small group lesson. All the equipment used was developed
Joseph Pilates and made by
“Balanced Body Inc”.

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Planning cours collectifs Pilates @ Bhealthy Pilates Studio

  Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi Samedi
8h00   Pilates machines (Michael)   Pilates machines (Michael)    
9h00   Pilates machines (Michael)   Pilates machines (Michael)    
10h00       Pilates machines (Michael)    
11h00 Pilates machines (Kirstin)         Indoor Bootcamp
12h00       Pilates machines (Michael)    
12h30 Total Body Circuit (Moumini) Abs & glutes cardio HIIT (Moumini)   Abs & glutes cardio HIIT (Moumini)    
13h00 Pilates machines (Michael)          
18h30 Pilates machines (Michael) Pilates machines (Citlalli)        
18h30 Pilates Mat (Moumini)          
19h00       Pilates machines (Citlalli)    
19h30 Pilates machines (Laurence)          
20h00       Pilates machines (Citlalli)    
20h30 Pilates machines (Edgard)   Pilates machines (Moumini)      
Studio Bhealthy : Av. Emile De Mot 22, 1000 Bxl
Studio Bhealthy Sablon Tower: Rue Stevens 7, 1000 Bxl
Studio IT Tower : Av. Louise 480, 1050 Ixelles
Michael 0473/67.64.65 Moumini 0484/76.52.51
Edgar 0484/05.15.96 Joaquin +34680143135
Laurence 0495/56.45.17 Kirstin 0475/94.30.44
Citlali 0488/01.49.17